ShfWIT – We’re coding but not just coding

We're coding but not just coding

We launched in June and then met again in August – with #TechTea beginning in September.

November will be the start of events every two months where we’ll begin to put into action what we’ve learnt from Sheffield women in technology so far. Each event will have time to chat and and, if networking isn’t your thing and sends a shiver down your spine, don’t be put off! There’ll be friendly faces looking forward to saying hello and introducing you to people.

What will the event involve?

  • 17.30 Doors open for drinks, snacks and chat.
  • 18.00 Talks start (see below for more details).
  • 19:30 Over to you. Please bring along any Sheffield women in tech news you have to pass on, events to advertise, questions to ask or ideas to share.
  • There’ll be time for more drinks, snacks and chat until we close at 20.00

No, I fly them – Shehla Ali

Shehla Ali is a freelance digital marketeer, drone photographer and a Google Digital Garage trainer. Shehla also runs Cameratic, a blog she created to showcase her photography, filming and copy writing, as well as Drone 360, where she creates aerial photography.

Shehla will talk about her rollercoast ride since quitting her job two years ago to work remotely and travel. Since then she has set up multiple companies, further developed her knowledge of technology and experienced working in male dominated environments. If you’re a budding creative who doesn’t know where to start or more experienced but stuck in your comfort zone, this talk may give you a quiet and gentle push to start moving.

A series of fortunate blags – Tanya Fish

Tanya Fish has been enthusing about science and making in some form or other for most of her life. She’s written tutorials, magazine articles, and educational materials. She’s talked about making to all sorts of audiences, including the Guild of Makers Launch, Hackaday Unconferences, and at Maker Faires. She runs workshops at festivals, conferences, and universities; and has just ventured into YouTube.

In this talk, Tanya explains how being out of your depth is an advantage, how you are worth more than you think and how there is no such thing as modesty when you’re bigging yourself up.

Coding and hackathon(ing) – Kat Walker, Darren Vong and Anete Zepa

Kat Walker is a Computer Science student and demonstrator at Sheffield University and a Code First Girls Instructor. Darren Vong is a lead instructor at Code First Girls. Anete Zepa is a Computer Science student and supports Hacks Sheffield.

In this talk, Kat and Darren will talk about their experiences supporting Code First Girls and attending hackathons. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code or develop your coding knowledge, attend a hackathon (or aren’t sure what a hackathon is) but have never had chance to ask questions in advance, tonight may be your night.

Kindly sponsored by Egress.

Event Details

Start Date : 2018-11-20

End Date : 2018-11-20

Time : 17:30

Cost : FREE

More About Event : Go

Event Venue

Venue : Sheffield Technology Parks

Address : Arundel Street Cooper Buildings Sheffield S1 2NS