blam UK Charity

Taken from the BLAM Uk Website

“The brainchild of six young women, BLAM formally began as a community outreach event in the spring of 2017. The event garnered a high level of community interest due to its acclaimed panel (which included Diane Abbott MP, Karl Lokko and Viv Ahmun) and the compelling debates which took place.

As a consequence of the first public forum that we hosted, we recognised that we could provide a space for all members of the local community to engage in thoughtful discussion. We came to realise that our community outreach sessions could allow for the sharing of pragmatic resolutions to social issues that threaten to fragment the community spirit of London.

We are now focused on putting our collaborative thoughts into action by providing a service that we believe that every young person is entitled to, that is:

  • A more comprehensive and diverse education;
  • A safe space where their mental health and general feelings can be discussed; and
  • A chance to explore their interests and passions with consistent support from their local community.

We are primarily based in Brixton, South London, but we also work with boroughs all across London”