Deborah Fern

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Deborah Fern

Deborah Fern, is a Senior Digital Project Manager at Good Thing Foundation. On the 19th March 2019 at 17:30pm at Sheffield Technology Parks.

With over 20 years experience working in both digital agencies and public sector organisations, Deborah is a highly experience project manager and team lead.

Currently working as a Senior Digital Project Manager, she has 14 years experience as a team leader, coach and mentor bringing a wealth of experience to delivery and operational management roles.

Deborah hates disarray and has been working for years as a delivery manager, scrum master and product owner to return order to services, products and projects in a chaotic world. She believes focusing on building a disarray-free environment in which a team can do its best work is better for individuals, teams, organisations and clients.

The talk will cover some practical tips which you can use to help achieve order in spite of unhelpful interventions and inevitable change. Deborah will also propose why you should view deadlines as a point of focus, not a ‘dead line’ and offer some suggestions on how to deal with those ‘just get it Live’ requests.