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Mary Chan

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Mary Chan

Mary Chan – Experience Design Researcher (Cambridge Consultants) is holding a workshop at our “Developing Considerate Digital Technology” event.

A designer, researcher and developer dedicated to building an inclusive digital future. Currently finishing a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and researching machine learning-powered period trackers. Mary has a varied background spanning Psychology, Business, Design and is a cultural sponge having soaked up fascinating insights from three countries. She’s also a big advocate of increasing diversity in tech entrepreneurship, and is currently the Community Development Manager at Women @EIT, a female-led network within the European Institute of Technology.

The Hidden Corners – A Guideline to Developing Considerate Digital Technology

The truth is, when we release a technology into the wild, we have no idea what users will actually do with it, and indeed, who the users will even be. We must think outside the box, to pre-emptively mitigate against hidden use situations which aren’t immediately obvious, in order to create more empathetic technologies. How can we understand the perspectives and challenges faced by others when they might not even be aware of those challenges themselves?

This workshop will give you the tools to enable you to explore those hidden possible scenarios, using eye-opening thought experiments to step out of your personal perspective box.